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1,000 Vegan Recipes

1,000 Vegan RecipesYou can never have too many recipes, and with Robin Robertson’s 1,000 Vegan Recipes, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

500 Vegan Recipes

500 Vegan RecipesSubtitled “An amazing variety of delicious recipes, from chilis and casseroles to crumbles, crisps, and cookies,” 500 Vegan Recipes lives up to its name. This is a terrific cookbook for both new and tried-and-true vegans. There are recipes to match every mood and every cooking style, and there are ideas here to keep you inspired for years to come.


Afro-VeganChef Bryant Terry is back with another vegan cookbook, this time a fusion of southern, African, and Caribbean cuisines. One of the things I really like about Mr. Terry’s books is that so many of the flavors and textures are new to me, so just paging through them is like reading the menus of a dozen new restaurants.

Appetite for Reduction

Appetite for ReductionThere are now so many vegans and, more importantly, vegan cookbooks that authors are branching out into other specialties. Appetite for Reduction delves into food that is not only free of meat and animal products, but also low in saturated fat and sugar. But not to worry, there is no corresponding loss in variety or flavor.

Asian Fusion

Asian FusionChat Mingkwan’s Asian Fusion offers a huge variety of recipes from over a dozen countries – as well as a fascinating look at the similarities and sometimes very subtle differences between their cuisines.

Color Me Vegan

Color Me VeganDid you know that brightly-colored food does more than just look pretty on your plate? With Color Me Vegan, author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau promises that you can “maximize your nutrient intake and optimize your health by eating antioxidant-rich, fiber-packed, color-intense meals that taste great.”

Fresh and Fast Vegan

Fresh and Fast VeganIf you’re looking for healthy and easy vegan recipes, Amanda Grant’s Fresh and Fast Vegan might be just the ticket. This reissue of The New Vegan (originally published in 1999) includes 140 simple recipes divided into just five chapters.

Great Chefs Cook Vegan

Great Chefs Cook VeganLinda Long asked 25 famous chefs to create three- to four-course vegan meals. She combined their biographies, recipes, and cooking and plating tips with her photos to make a visually stunning, inspirational book.

Grills Gone Vegan

Grills Gone VeganIf you think a cookout automatically means a vegan’s options are limited to corn on the cob and tofu burgers, think again! Grills Gone Vegan is a cookbook like no other, offering creative, delicious vegan fare and helpful tips.


Horizons cookbookWith 80 recipes, tons of full-color photos, and interesting stories about what inspires the chefs, Rich Landau & Kate Jacoby, cooking from their cookbook is the next best thing to actually eating at Horizons restaurant.

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