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Why buy drinks when you can make your own? They’re always cheaper, usually healthier, and often even better-tasting than what you can buy in a café or at the store.

29 September 2012

Berry Shake

A small serving of this sweet drink is delightful after a filling lunch.

12 May 2013

Bloody Mary

If you crave the spiciness of a bloody mary but don’t want the alcohol, try this tasty variation – or make the real thing.

27 July 2013

Cashew Milk

Cashew milkLiquified cashews are a perfect substitute for milk in just about any soup, sauce, or baked goods.

14 June 2012

Chocolate Malt

There’s nothing like a rich, chocolately malt. Beware – this is not for the calorie conscious!

28 May 2011

Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

Try this vegan chocolate peanut butter shake for a sweet and yummy treat.

10 October 2013

Coconut Milk

Coconut milkInstead of buying canned coconut milk, make your own. It’s fast and easy, plus you know exactly what’s in it.

18 December 2011

Egg Nog

Egg nog is a traditional winter drink, which I find rather odd since it’s cold and I always want something warm. If you’re worried about salmonella from raw eggs, use pasteurized eggs.

21 June 2011

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Cool off with a delicious sweet treat.

15 August 2013

Ginger Ale

I’m not a big fan of carbonated beverages, but once in a while I do like ginger ale, especially when I have an upset stomach. Homemade ginger ale is easy to make and much more “gingery” than anything you can buy at the store.

22 May 2012

Iced Tea

It’s very easy to make your own iced tea, and your flavor options are unlimited – you can use black tea, green tea, herbal tea – whatever you like!

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