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1 October 2011

Becoming Vegetarian

If you’re thinking about becoming a vegetarian, the changes you’ll need to make to your diet and your life can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry! Here are some tips to help you make the switch without going crazy.

16 December 2012

Dealing with Meat Eaters

Many meat eaters take it upon themselves to attack or try to “knock some sense into” vegetarians. Here are some possible responses and strategies that might help you educate the meat eater, or at least make him/her stop bothering you.

19 March 2010

Message from LKL

Hi blog readers and subscribers! I hope you’re enjoying the recipes. While this is a completely free subscription, I wanted to let you know that if you feel like making a donation…

1 January 2015

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year'sWhether you’ve been a vegetarian for years or just think it might be time to cut down on your meat consumption, the start of a new year is a great time to make changes to your eating habits. Here are some new year’s resolutions you might want to consider.

29 September 2013

News from The Veggie Table

If you want to be notified about new recipes and reviews on The Veggie Table, you have several options.

20 May 2013


Being a vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean you can never again make any recipes that call for things like beef broth, eggs, or gelatin. Most animal products can be replaced with vegetarian- and vegan-friendly ingredients.

7 July 2006

The Veggie Table

A few crumbs about The Veggie Table.

1 December 2012

The Veggie Table Blog

I’ve spent the last week or so transferring most of the recipes and other features on The Veggie Table site onto The Veggie Table blog. I think this format is...

15 May 2014

The Veggie Table on Facebook

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29 May 2013

Vegan Recipes and Cookbooks

Vegan recipes contain no animal products whatsoever: no meat, no dairy, no eggs, and no honey.

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