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Hello there! I’m Laura K. Lawless, creator and author of The Veggie Table – Vegetarian Recipes and Info.

vegetarianLife Story
Born and raised in Illinois, I happily escaped to California at the age of 20. I spent 2½ years going to school and working in Monterey and another 3½ working, going to school, and goofing off in San José. I lived in Morocco for 2½ years, rural Pennsylvania for four, Costa Rica for 9 months, and southern France for 5 years, before moving to Guadeloupe.

There’s nothing I like better than cooking and trying new restaurants. I also love language, traveling, biking, dancing, swimming, and reading – especially chick lit.

While going to school, I spent six years cooking in various restaurants: fast food, cafés, 5-star, and everything in between. I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian from 1989 until 2011, when I finally became vegan.

vegetarianOther Information
I love cooking and eating vegetarian food. I’m truly delighted to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and love of vegetarianism with you, and I plan to make this site a key vegetarian resource on the internet.

My primary vocation is language. I have three websites: Spanish Language, English Language, and French Language, and I am the author of seven books on language.

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