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Spring recipesFrom early spring fava beans to the scallions you can harvest through early summer, I look forward to spring foods all year.

Fruit Salad

There’s nothing like a bowl of fresh, sweet fruit salad in the summer. No one really needs a recipe for fruit salad, but here are some ideas to get you started.

Greek Lasagna

A light, vegan lasagna made with artichokes, eggplant, and lemons.

Herb Salad – Sabzi

If you grow your own herbs, this healthy salad is a great way to enjoy them… or show them off.

Hot Cross Buns

If you enjoy baking and have plenty of time, why not make some homemade hot cross buns? They’re traditional during Good Friday, Easter, and Lent, but of course the recipe is just as delicious any time of the year.

How to Steam Asparagus

Asparagus is a rather delicate vegetable, and steaming it correctly so that that stalks are done but the tips aren’t soggy can be a real challenge. Here are two tried-and-tested techniques for perfectly-steamed asparagus without a steaming basket.

Leek Gratin

Leek gratinServe leeks baked with several cheeses and a bit of cream over flavorful pasta or rice for a rich and delicious treat.

Lemon Mousse

Light and tangy; perfect after a heavy, rich, or spicy meal.

Local Bounty

Local Bounty: Seasonal Vegan Recipes, by Devra Gartenstein, offers a variety of recipes to help you enjoy fruits and vegetables at their individual seasonal peaks. Organized by season, each chapter starts with a list of that season’s produce, divided by early, mid-, and late season.

Matzo Balls

Matzo balls (also spelled matzoh) are traditional Jewish dumplings, usually made with chicken fat and served in chicken soup. This vegetarian version tastes great in vegetable soup.

Orange Salad

Both versions of this easy-to-prepare salad are wonderfully refreshing in the summertime.

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