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Why buy drinks when you can make your own? They’re always cheaper, usually healthier, and often even better-tasting than what you can buy in a café or at the store.

Iced Tea

It’s very easy to make your own iced tea, and your flavor options are unlimited – you can use black tea, green tea, herbal tea – whatever you like!


Lassi is a sweet Indian drink made from yogurt – it’s perfect for cooling your mouth while eating spicy food.


The ultimate summertime drink – fresh, sweet-tart lemonade.


Limeade is a nice change of pace for a summertime drink.

Minty Lemonade

This tangy lemonade is so refreshing, you’ll want to drink it all summer.

Mulled Wine

Warm, spicy mulled wine is a wonderful winter drink.

Peanut Butter Smoothie

A blend of peanut butter and banana makes an excellent smoothie.

Quick Milk

Quick cashew milkOut of milk? With a little bit of nut butter, you can whip up a batch of non-dairy milk in minutes.

Raspberry-Lime Cooler

Frozen raspberries and fresh lime juice pair up for a cool, bubbly treat.


This traditional Spanish drink goes well with spicy foods, is delicious in summer, and works well as a party punch bowl.

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