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Vegetarian picnicI don’t know about you, but I absolutely love picnics. There’s something about sitting outside when it’s nice and warm, sipping a cool drink, and nibbling away at simple but tasty food. Here are some recipes for your perfect vegetarian picnic. I also recommend a baguette or two to eat with your salad or cheese, and some rosé or sweet white wine – there’s nothing better than sipping wine while sitting in the sun!

If grilling is part of your picnic repertoire, take a look at these delicious veggie BBQ recipes.


AntipastoAntipasto, which means “before food” in Italian, is a salad-like appetizer consisting of various fresh and pickled vegetables, cheeses, and rolled or sliced meats. For vegetarian antipasto, you can either substitute mock meat products or leave them out altogether.

Apricot-Nut Bread

This is a lovely, slightly sweet bread – great for breakfast or dessert.

Banana Bread

A good way to use up overripe bananas and great as breakfast or a snack.

Barbecued Tofu Sandwich

BBQ tofu sandwhichPile bread high with bbq tofu and your favorite fixings.


CapreseThe ingredients for this dish are very simple, so get the freshest and best you can.

Cole Slaw

Cole slaw, a perfect summer picnic salad, is traditionally made with mayonnaise. This cole slaw recipe includes several dressing variations.

Corn Fritters

Corn frittersThese crunchy corn pancakes, called pergedel jagung in Indonesian, are held together beautifully with just a bit of silken tofu and flour.


CruditésCrudités is a French term that refers to raw vegetables, so a platter of crudités typically consists of one or more types of vegetables served with one or more dips.

Cucumber Salad

Simple and refreshing, cucumber salad is the epitome of summer. Different herbs can make it seem like a completely different salad, so don’t be scared to experiment.

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