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Read my reviews of cookbooks from various vegetarian and vegan restaurants, or check out my mini reviews of vegetarian restaurants around the world.

Cafe Flora Cookbook

The Cafe Flora Cookbook offers a delightful behind-the-scenes look at Cafe Flora's menu. This gourmet vegetarian restaurant has won numerous awards, including Best Brunch and Best Vegetarian Food, from Northwest Source, and Seattle Weekly Favorite Restaurants.

Great Chefs Cook Vegan

Great Chefs Cook VeganLinda Long asked 25 famous chefs to create three- to four-course vegan meals. She combined their biographies, recipes, and cooking and plating tips with her photos to make a visually stunning, inspirational book.


Horizons cookbookWith 80 recipes, tons of full-color photos, and interesting stories about what inspires the chefs, Rich Landau & Kate Jacoby, cooking from their cookbook is the next best thing to actually eating at Horizons restaurant.

Tassajara Dinners & Desserts

Tassajara Dinners & DessertsTassajara is a remote zen center and retreat near Big Sur, California. Despite the title, Tassajara Dinners & Desserts includes recipes for every part of the meal, with a mix of classic recipes and unusual options

The Chicago Diner Cookbook

The Chicago Diner CookbookEstablished in 1983 by Jo Kaucher and Mickey Hornick, The Chicago Diner is a vegetarian jewel in a traditionally meat-loving city. Most of the recipes in The Chicago Diner Cookbook are vegan, though a few dairy products show up here and there.

The Natural Vegan Kitchen

Natural Vegan KitchenIf you're interested in an overview of vegan and macrobiotic cooking, The Natural Vegan Kitchen will help you get started with some flavorful and healthy recipes.

The Sublime Restaurant Cookbook

The Sublime Restaurant CookbookThe Sublime Restaurant Cookbook, by Nanci Alexander, offers an interesting, unusual collection of fusion vegan recipes from the restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Veganopolis Cookbook

The Veganopolis CookbookVeganopolis Cafeteria was a vegan restaurant in Portland, Oregan until street crime forced its closure. But many of the recipes survive in The Veganopolis Cookbook. I particularly like the range of recipes in this cookbook, from basic to classic to veganized to unusual. There's a little something for everyone.

Vegetarian Magic at the Regency House Spa

Vegetarian MagicThe Regency House Spa is a vegetarian, holistic resort north of Miami Beach, Florida. Their cookbook, Vegetarian Magic, should really be titled "Vegan Magic," as there are no animal products in any of the recipes.

Vegetarian Restaurants

Though I can't hope to ever have a definitive list of vegetarian restaurants, I travel quite a bit and love trying new restaurants. This list includes vegetarian and vegan restaurants arojund the world, as well as non-veggie restaurants that offer a nice vegetarian selection.
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