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Delicious homestyle cooking the meatless way
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Not Just for Vegetarians: Delicious homestyle cooking the meatless way is an interesting cookbook. Most vegetarian cookbooks are either a vast assortment of general recipes or an in-depth collection of dishes belonging to one type of cuisine. Not Just for Vegetarians: Delicious homestyle cooking the meatless way falls somewhat into the latter category: Geraldine Hartman offers a variety of recipes for hearty, homestyle dishes – the kind of food you think of as stick-to-your-ribs and down-home cooking.

Yet there is not a speck of meat in any of these recipes. From mock meat loaf to stew, the recipes in this book will please anyone looking for delicious, hearty, "just like mother used to make" dishes. Everything is vegetarian, and vegan alternatives are offered for many recipes.

Here are just a few of the recipes found in this book:

My only complaint is that the index lists recipes by their sometimes cutesy names, rather than than main ingredient, so if you’re searching for, say, oatmeal bread, you can only find it under Q (for Quickie Oatmeal Bread).

All in all, this is an interesting addition for any vegetarian collection, as well as a wonderful cookbook for anyone – vegetarian or not – who loves homestyle cooking.

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Author’s website: Veggies, Yarns, and Tales

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