Vegetarian recipes and info

Vegetarian ChristmasWhatever is served at a traditional Christmas dinner, meat probably holds pride of place, and what good is that to us veggies? Here are some ideas to mix and match for a vegetarian Christmas menu.

Miso Soup

This is a very simple but richly-flavored soup.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Parsnips

These aren’t much more work than regular mashed potatoes, but they have a lot more flavor.

French Toast

This is the recipe for the best French toast I’ve ever had – a variation on the house recipe at a little café I used to work at in Illinois. I hope you enjoy it!

Sweet Potato Pancakes

These crunchy pancakes are delicious at any time of day or night.


This is a recipe for sambar, probably the most universal dish of South India. It has been adapted for the cooler climate of Monterey Bay.


The timing for this recipe is very important. Following these instructions to the letter will leave you with a very light, fluffy omelette that will melt in your mouth.

Wild Rice Salad

This earthy salad is a perfect accompaniment to soup.

Fried Green Tomatoes

If you have unripe tomatoes available, make good use of them with this easy recipe for fried green tomatoes.

Egg Salad

This classic egg salad can be enjoyed in sandwiches or atop a bed of lettuce and veggies.

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