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Roasted Leek and Carrot Soup

Roasted Leek and Carrot SoupRoasting is one of the easiest ways to get tons of flavor out of just a few ingredients.

Black Bean and Sun-Dried Tomato Dip

Black bean and sun-dried tomato dipRich in both color and flavor, this dip makes an elegant change from spicy black bean dip.

Roasted Potato Salad

Roasted potato saladRoasted potatoes with a vinaigrette dressing make a nice change to the traditional potato-and-mayonnaise salad.

Roasted Seitan

Roasted seitanSeitan and onions roasted in balsamic vinegar make a quick recipe for a hearty and delicious cold-weather dish.


CapreseThe ingredients for this dish are very simple, so get the freshest you can.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms glazed with a balsamic vinegar reduction add an elegant touch to any dish.

Red Onion Confit

A simple recipe that yields a delicious appetizer.


This classic dressing is great on just about any kind of salad.

Carrot Vichyssoise

Rich, cold, and a lovely shade of orange, carrot vichyssoise swirled with a balsamic reduction will impress your friends and delight your tastebuds – only you will know how simple it is to prepare.

Porcini and Fennel Salad

A simple but stunning salad.