Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen

Ani's Raw Food Kitchen

Easy, delectable living foods recipes
Living food book review

If you want to eat more raw and living foods, you can’t go wrong with Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen. The variety of recipes for any time of day, from breakfast to dinners will keep your body nourished and your taste buds singing.

I expected to see lots of smoothies, salads, and sandwiches in this book, and I wasn’t disappointed. But I was surprised at the number of raw soups, like portabello bisque and garlic walnut soup, and by the creative "pastas," "rice," and "polenta." Since these can’t be eaten raw, Ani has come up with alternate versions made from vegetables that can be. There are also numerous nut and seed "cheezes" and raw "mylks."

Ani's Raw Food KitchenAnd if you want your best friends to eat living foods, there’s a section on raw recipes for dog biscuits, treats, and pâté.

Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen also offers numerous tips on green living, including natural beauty products, clean water, and the benefits of shopping locally.

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