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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a vegetarian?
Q. Why be a vegetarian?
Q. Who are vegetarians?
Q. Is it true that vegetarians don't eat enough protein?
Q. In the recipes on this site, what do Q, c, T, t, and oz stand for?
Q. What is the metric equivalent of a cup, a pound, 350°F...?
Q. What can I use instead of eggs, gelatin, meat...?
Q. What does it mean to fold, sauté, purée, simmer, blanch, or steam?
Q. Is there an easy way to peel and seed tomatoes?
Q. What is this site?
Q. I'm an author/manufacturer- would you review my book or product?
Q. Can I advertise on this site?
Q. Can I read your biography?
Q. How can I help to support this site?
Q. Can I link to this site?
Q. How can I let others know about this site?


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