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If you always get the same items in your CSA basket, have a bumper crop of certain veggies, or stocked up on some canned goods at knock-down prices, you’re probably looking for new recipes to make eating the same old foods a little more interesting. Here to help are recipes organized by ingredient – find more by clicking an ingredient in the tag cloud on the left.

Artichoke Recipes

ArtichokesArtichokes are among the stranger vegetables, but the flavor is unique and well worth the extra preparation time. You can use canned or frozen artichokes for most recipes, but fresh are always better.

Asparagus Recipes

AsparagusAsparagus season is one of the best parts of spring. Whether green, white, or purple, take advantage of all that abundant fresh asparagus with one of these vegetarian recipes.

Avocado Recipes

AvocadoAvocados are a delicious source of healthy fats. They can be chopped up for salads, blended into soups, and of course mashed into guacamole. Take a look at these vegetarian recipes featuring avocados.

Bean Recipes

Dried beansBeans are an important source of vegetarian protein. Lucky for us, they are also versatile and delicious! Take a look at this list of different ways to enjoy beans in soups, salads, veggie burgers, and more.

Bell Pepper Recipes

Bell peppers add interesting flavor and texture to recipe without the spiciness offered by hot peppers. Here are my favorite vegetarian recipes with bell peppers.

Chickpea Recipes

ChickpeasVegetarians in the know love chickpeas, which are found in classics like hummus and falafel as well as more unusual recipes. They can take the place of other beans in just about any recipe and offer a slight nutty flavor along with protein, manganese, and many other essential nutrients.

Corn Recipes

Corn recipesSweet corn is delicious with just a bit of salt, but it’s also wonderful in soup and salad, and of course cornmeal makes terrific bread. Take look at these vegetarian recipes featuring sweet corn or cornmeal.

Cucumber Recipes

Cucumber recipesCool off with a variety of refreshing salads and other recipes featuring cucumbers.

Eat Your Books

Eat Your BooksEat Your Books is a huge database which allows users to search through their own personal cookbooks in order to find just the right recipe. Once you’ve told the site which books you own, you can search them depending on what ingredients you have on hand and/or which cuisine you feel like eating.

Eggplant Recipes

In my experience, eggplant is something you either love or you hate. Its texture is rather meaty and its flavor quite distinctive. If you love eggplant (or aubergine, as the British – and French – call it) like I do, enjoy more of it with these recipes.

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