Mock Cheese Recipes

Vegan Cheeses and Cheesy Sauces

Recipes for a variety of delicious vegan cheeses made from nuts, seeds, tofu … plus tips and tools for making vegan cheese.

Vegan cheddarVegan Cheddar and Cheddary Sauces

Vegan cheese sauceCheddary Sauce
Here’s an easy and completely vegan recipe to help you deal with your cheese cravings.

Holiday cheese ballsFestive Cheese Balls
The perfect addition to your holiday table or party buffet: delicious cheddary vegan cheese rolled into balls and coated in your choice of nuts or herbs.

Vegan mac and cheeseMacaroni and Cheese
Vegan macaroni and cheese, comfort food extraordinaire.

Melty vegan cheddarMelty Cheddar
A firm, sliceable, and somewhat meltable vegan cheddar made from non-dairy yogurt.


Vegan fetaVegan Feta and Goat Cheeses

Almond feta cheeseAlmondetta
This creamy, feta-style cheese made from almonds is firm enough to cut and crumble.

Almond feta cheeseAlmond Feta
Tangy almond cheese that can be cut into soft cubes and placed on top of salad or spread on crackers.

Mock chèvre cheeseChèvre Cheese
Cultured almond paste makes a terrific vegan alternative to fresh chèvre, the soft, spreadable goat cheese often sold in herb- or spice-covered logs.

Goat cheese sauceGoat Cheese sauce
If you like goat cheese, you’ll love this simple sauce.

Herbed tofu fetaHerbed Tofu Feta
Easy recipe for a soft, crumbly, herby feta made from tofu.

Mock feta cheeseTofu Feta
Here is a delicious vegan substitute for feta cheese made with tofu.


Vegan mozzarellaVegan Mozzarella

Mock mozzarella cheeseMelty Mozzarella
Firm and somewhat meltable vegan mozzarella made from yogurt.

Mozzarella sauceMozzarella Sauce
Not so much a sauce as a melted-mozzarella-like topping for pizza, pasta, and casseroles.


Vegan parmesanVegan Parmesan

Cashew parmesanCashew Parmesan
Firm enough to slice or grate, but so tasty that I usually just cut it into cubes to snack on.

Mock parmesan cheeseParmesan Cheese Sprinkles
This is a terrific vegan parmesan cheese substitution made from nutritional yeast and toasted sesame seeds.


Vegan ricottaVegan Ricotta

Almond ricotta cheeseAlmond Ricotta
Soft and fluffy with just a hint of sweetness, lovely in ravioli, lasagna, and cannoli.

Vegan ricotta cheeseCashew and Tofu Ricotta
A creamy ricotta-style cheese made from cashews and tofu, perfect for rollatini and lasagna.

Vegan ricotta florentineSpinach Ricotta (aka Ricotta Florentine)
Creamy, spinachy, ricotta-y filling for crêpes, manicotti, or lasagna.


Vegan cheeseMore Vegan Cheeses

Cashew BrieBrie
A luxurious, very creamy cheese made from cultured cashew milk.

Vegan cottage cheeseCottage Cheese
A combination of tofu, herbs, and miso turns into a vegan version of herbed cottage cheese.

Vegan cream cheeseCream Cheese
This vegan cream cheese recipe is perfect on bagels, sandwiches, or anything else that needs a creamy, mild spread.

Vegan gruyèreGruyère Melt
A thick but pourable sauce when hot off the stove, semi-solid and spreadable after it has cooled for a bit.

Mock monterey jackMelty Monterey Jack
Firm but crumbly, somewhat meltable vegan monterey jack made from yogurt.

Mock muenster cheeseMelty Muenster
This quick recipe makes a firm and somewhat meltable vegan muenster cheese.

Yogurt cheeseYogurt Cheese
Whether traditional, Greek, or non-dairy, good yogurt makes good yogurt cheese – and it’s one of the easiest recipes around.


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