Yogurt Cheese

Whether traditional, Greek, or non-dairy, good yogurt makes good yogurt cheese – and it’s one of the easiest recipes around. Yogurt cheese
Yield about 1 cup cheese
Time 5 minutes hands on, plus 24 hours to drain
  • cheese bag  + bowl  or  sieve + cheesecloth
  • spoon
  • 3 c yogurt

1) Suspend the cheese bag over the bowl.

Stir the yogurt well, then pour into the bag. Let drain for 24 hours.


2) Line the sieve with two layers of cheesecloth.

Stir the yogurt well, then pour into the sieve. Fold the sides of the cheesecloth loosely over the top, and let drain for 24 hours. If you like, you can place a plate on top in order to help push more of the liquid out.

1 and 2) Discard the liquid and enjoy your cheese!

Notes Yogurt cheese is thick and spreadable, yet firm enough to be rolled into balls, as seen in this photo of cashew yogurt cheese.

Of course, you can liven up your yogurt cheese with onions, garlic, fresh herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, nutritional yeast….

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Cashew yogurt cheese