Mock Egg Recipes

Plant-based egg alternatives

Vegan recipes for egg substitutions and egg-like dishes.

mock eggsMock Eggs and Egg-like Recipes

Aquafaba is the viscous liquid created by cooking beans in water. It makes a great vegan replacement for eggs, especially egg whites.

Flax eggsFlax "Egg"
When baking, you can replace eggs with ground flaxseeds.

Mini omelettesMini Omelettes
In the mood for adorable little vegan omelettes that are super easy to make? You’ve come to the right place!

Scrambled tofuScrambled “Eggs”
Although scrambled tofu doesn’t taste quite like scrambled eggs, it’s easy to make and can take any of the additions and toppings you’d would put in an omelette.

Mock egg saladTofu Egg Salad
If you don’t want to eat eggs for whatever reason but like the soft texture and pleasant taste of egg salad, try this tofu version.

No egg nogV’Egg Nog
Rich and creamy vegan version of a traditional holiday drink.


Aquafaba mayonnaisemock eggsVegan Mayonnaise Recipes

Aquafaba Mayonnaise
The richest, creamiest mayonnaise you can imagine.

Flaxseed mayonnaiseFlaxseed Mayonnaise
Ground flaxseed blended with cashew milk and oil makes an amazingly mayonnaisey eggless mayonnaise.

Vegan mayonnaiseTofu Mayonnaise
Quick and easy vegan mayonnaise.

Vegan aioliAïoli
If you love garlic, this garlicky mayonnaise is a real treat. It’s incredibly easy to make and unbelievably delicious.


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