Vegan meats

Mock Meat Recipes

Some vegetarians avoid mock meat recipes, while others swear by them. If you're in the latter category, or if you're just interested in trying some vegetarian and vegan versions of typical dishes, take a look at these mock meat, chicken, and fish recipes.

Mushroom Recipes

Mushrooms elicit strong opinions - most people either love them or hate them. The texture is a bit strange, and the less said about what mushrooms actually are (the fruit of a fungus which feeds on decay) the better. On the other hand, mushrooms are good for detoxifying, high in protein, and tasty, so here's a collection of vegetarian recipes with mushrooms.

Nutty Recipes

Nuts are an excellent source of vegetarian protein, and they taste great too! Here are some vegetarian recipes featuring nuts, including breakfast, salads, main courses, and desserts, as well as tips on making your own nut butters, milks, and creams.
Olive oil

Olive Oil

Introduction to olive oil and related terminology.
Olive recipes

Olive Recipes

Olives are good on their own, but they're even better on pizza and in salads. If you like olives, you'll love these recipes with olives.
Onion recipes

Onion Recipes

I love onions - red, yellow, white, green, raw, sautéed, whatever. Here is a collection of recipes that include onions.

Pasta Recipes

If it weren't for pasta, I probably wouldn't survive as a vegetarian. Not only is pasta versatile, it's also healthy and delicious. Check out this index of vegetarian pasta dishes, lasagnas, and sauces.

Pea Recipes

Sweet peas, split peas, black-eyed peas... they're all nutritious and delicious. Check out my favorite vegetarian recipes featuring peas.
Potato recipes

Potato Recipes

Everyone loves potatoes, and luckily for us they are used in all kinds of soups, side dishes, and even salads. Check out my collection of vegetarian potato recipes.
Pumpkin recipes

Pumpkin Recipes

When the leaves start to change color, it's time to start thinking about what you can do with pumpkins. Here are some great vegetarian pumpkin recipes.