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Cooking Lessons

Whether you’re an experienced cook or brand-new to the kitchen, cooking lessons can be a lot of fun – not to mention delicious.

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Cooking lessons

Cooking Terms

If you’re fairly new to cooking, you might run into some terms, often in French, that you don’t recognize. It’s rarely as complicated as it seems – take a look at these explanations of common cooking techniques.

How to Blanch Almonds

Blanched almondsBlanched almonds are just almonds with their skins removed. This may be done in order to get rid of their bitterness and/or because skinless almonds are considered prettier. There are two ways to blanch almonds and the end result for each is somewhat different.

How to Clean Leeks

Leeks are a wonderful vegetable, but they required a fair amount of preparation before they can be used. Here are some tips on cleaning and preparing leeks.

How to Fake a Double Boiler

Double boilerA double boiler is used to heat something delicate, like milk or chocolate, that is at risk of burning if you put it over a direct flame. You can buy a real double boiler, but in my opinion there’s no point when you can so easily make a fake one using other kitchen tools you already own.

How to Fake a Steamer

Fake steamerSteaming is a quick and healthy way to cook things like vegetables and tempeh so that they are moist without being waterlogged. You can purchase a steamer, of course, or you can just make one with two kitchen tools you probably already own.

How to Freeze Tofu

Frozen tofuFreezing firm or extra-firm tofu gives it a chewy, even meaty consistency and turns it into a marinade-loving sponge.

How to Make a Cheese Plate

Cheese plateCheese plates can be simple or elaborate, with dozens of different cheeses or just a few. There’s no one right way to make a cheese plate, but these guidelines can help you put together a cheese plate you and your guests will never forget.

How to Make Crêpes

Rolled crêpeCrêpes can be wrapped around just about anything to turn it into an elegant meal, or simply folded and topped with something yummy. Try some of these fillings and toppings, or experiment to invent your own.

How to Make Flax Eggs

Flax eggYou can use “flax eggs” in place of eggs in any baked recipe like cakes, muffins, and cookies.

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