Vegetarian Restaurants in France

You might be surprised by how many vegetarian restaurants there are in France. This list includes vegetarian and vegan restaurants in France, as well as traditional restaurants that have a nice vegetarian selection.

Also, I often call traditional restaurants to make a reservation at least a couple of days in advance. I tell the chef I’m a vegetarian (making sure to specify no meat or fish), and I’ve always been rewarded with an excellent meal. In my experience, they enjoy the challenge, and the early notice gives them plenty of time to figure out the menu and go shopping.

18 Rue de la Bergerie
05 59 22 09 37
This is not a vegetarian restaurant, but we called ahead and they made us an incredible vegan feast.
La petite marche
29, rue Musette
03 80 30 15 10
Organic restaurant with some vegetarian dishes and a daily lunch menu, above a natural foods market.
Archi’Bon Karaibean
Bd du Marquisat de Houelbourg, Baie Mahault
06 90 80 29 31
This pesco-vegetarian restaurant offers 2 set menus a day, one of them entirely vegan. Very tasty and reasonably priced.
Aux 4 Mondes
Douenel, Bouillante
05 90 41 63 79
Fun, casual place with full bar and outdoor seating. Offers a few vegetarian options on the regular menu.
Koté Lagon
Grande Anse, Deshaies
06 90 71 75 57
It’s not on the menu, but if you ask for l’assiette végétarienne, you’ll get a platter with salad surrounded by a very nice assortment of vegetarian side dishes. Bonus: gorgeous view of lagoon and the Caribbean Sea from the terrace.
Ô z’Épices
Falaise, Bouillante
05 90 38 87 61
Call a few days ahead to request a vegetarian or vegan meal. Elegant food served in fairly informal surroundings.
VG Délices
Galeries de Houelbourg, Jarry
05 90 32 49 77
Brand-new bakery and pastry shop: cookies, cakes, sandwiches… – all vegan, all delicious. Open Tuesday through Saturday, 8am to 6pm.
La Colombe
663 route de Toulon
La Bayorre
04 94 35 35 16
Again, not a vegetarian restaurant, but by calling ahead, the chef was able to create a wonderful meal for us.
83, rue Moncey
04 72 61 15 69
This one Michelin-starred restaurant offers a seasonal vegetarian menu for 60 euros that is worth every penny. Be sure to reserve ahead of time, and tell them that you’re vegetarian, mentioning fish specifically.
89, rue Paul Bert
04 78 60 40 43
Cafeteria-style organic vegetarian restaurant, with cheap and very tasty daily and weekly dishes. Lunch only, Monday to Friday.
Country Life CLOSED
14, rue Venture
04 91 33 59 06
Fairly extensive and moderately-priced vegetarian buffet, above a nice organic grocery store.
Loving Hut
649, Promenade du Soleil
04 92 07 32 57
Vegan restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating across the street from the beach, varied menu, assorted juices, teas, and sparkling sodas, no alcohol.
Les Moulins Bleus
1, rue Fabert
03 87 37 38 71
Not vegetarian, but this pizzeria/grill has plenty of delicious options.
Tripti Kulai
20, rue Jacques Cœur
04 67 66 30 51
Very peaceful and zen, excellent vegetarian restaurant with vegan options.
La Zucca Magica CLOSED
4 bis, quai Papacino
04 93 56 25 27
Phenomenal. Fixed menu changes daily and is some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. The place is always packed, so reservations are essential.
Green Pizz’ CLOSED
8, rue Cadet (9e)
01 48 00 03 29
Pizzeria and cafeteria featuring very fresh, organic produce – many vegetarian options.
Le Grenier de Notre Dame
18, rue de la Bûcherie (5e)
01 43 29 98 29
Cozy little vegetarian, macrobiotic restaurant in Paris, offering homey vegetarian and vegan dishes (seitan steaks, roasted veggies, polenta, etc). Reservations recommended.
Peace N’ Love CLOSED
40, rue de la Fusterie
06 08 33 67 84
Small, busy, 60s-themed vegetarian restaurant with somewhat short but cheap and delicious menu – try the baba ganouj! (The owners also have a fair trade boutique across the street: 29, rue de la Fusterie.)
Saveurs Nature
7, rue Paul Massot
04 68 52 07 81
Open Monday-Friday for lunch and dinner; delicious, organic vegetarian menus. Gluten-free meal available if you reserve at least 24 hours in advance.
Au Potiron
24, rue Ste Madeleine
03 88 35 49 86
Small, quiet, out-of-the-way vegetarian restaurant with wonderful pizza, pasta, and gratins.
Une Fleur des Champs CLOSED
4, rue des Charpentiers
03 90 23 60 60
Excellent organic, vegetarian plus fish restaurant and market.
Poêles de carottes CLOSED
2, place des Meuniers
03 88 32 33 23
Terrific vegetarian restaurant with varied menu. Reservations highly recommended, even for lunch.
En vert et contre tout
40, rue des Filatiers
05 61 25 07 07
Excellent vegan and organic restaurant. Fixed-price menus include a variety of usual and unusual dishes.
La faim des haricots
3, rue des Puits verts
05 61 22 49 25
Very good all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet.
Numéro C
3, place des Carmes
05 61 55 39 65
Somewhat limited menu at this coffee and juice bar, but delicious nonetheless.

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