Ani’s Raw Food Desserts

Ani's Raw Food Desserts

by Ani Phyo
Raw food recipe book review

Sometimes it seems like raw foodists get short-changed in the sweet department. You need cream to make ice cream, and cakes and cookies have to be baked… right? Not according to Ani Phyo, who offers “85 easy, delectable sweets and treats” in her eponymous Ani’s Raw Food Desserts.

The very simple-seeming recipe for Key Lime Kream Bars makes a phenomenal cold treat that you can eat plain, surround with carob cookies to make Ice Kream Sandwiches, or coat with chocolate to make Bonbons. The Lavender Chocolate Bars are like something right out of a cloth napkin restaurant, while Oatmeal Raisin Cookies will take you back to childhood.

In addition to recipes, Ani’s Raw Food Desserts includes advice for new raw foodists, including potentially unfamiliar ingredients and essential kitchen tools, as well as scattered tips on things like greening your fridge, avoiding toxic cleaners, and vitamins for healthy skin.

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