Giant Book of Tofu Cooking

Giant Book of Tofu Cooking

Vegetarian cookbook review

Even though it’s virtually tasteless, most people have very strong opinions about tofu – they either love it or hate it. With its huge variety of recipes, some of which highlight tofu while others hide it, Giant Book of Tofu Cooking, by K. Lee Evans and Chris Rankin, tries to make everyone happy.

The 350 recipes run the gamut from appetizers to main courses, drinks and desserts. Countless cuisines are represented as well: Italian, Mexican, Cajun, Thai… there’s truly something for everyone.

In addition to the extremely varied recipes, this cookbook also includes information about buying, storing, and preparing tofu; explains how to use tofu in place of milk products and eggs; and offers a glossary of some moderately unusual ingredients that you might not know (things like balsamic vinegar, fennel, and nutritional yeast).

Whether you’re new to tofu and have no idea what to do with it, or eat it every chance you get and need some fresh new ideas, the Giant Book of Tofu Cooking has what you need.

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