Basil Oil

When you eat basil, don’t throw those leafless stems away – use them to make a delicious basil-infused oil that tastes like summer.

Yield 1 cup
Time 10 minutes
  • knife
  • small pot
  • fine sieve
  • rubber spatula
  • glass bottle or jar with cap/lid
  • handful of basil stems
  • 1 c olive or grapeseed oil
Directions Cut off any woody or hard stems and throw them away.

Wash and dry the remaining soft stems, then finely chop and place in pot along with oil

Heat until the oil just starts to bubble. Allow to barely simmer for 5 minutes.

Let cool for at least an hour, then strain. Press out as much of the oil from the stems as you can, then discard them.

Transfer to a glass bottle or jar.

Notes Of course, you can use actual basil leaves instead, but this is just as tasty and uses something that would otherwise be thrown away, so you save money.

Basil oil is delicious drizzled over caprese, salad, and steamed veggies.

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