Iced Tea

It’s very easy to make your own iced tea, and your flavor options are unlimited – you can use black tea, green tea, herbal tea – whatever you like!

Yield 1 quart
Time less than 5 minutes prep + steeping time
  • saucepan (if boiling)
  • large glass or ceramic pitcher or jar
  • wooden spoon
  • 1 Q water
  • 4-5 tea bags, tied together
  • sugar (optional)
Directions There are two safe ways to make iced tea. If you are adding sugar you should use the first method, as sugar doesn’t dissolve as well in cold water.

1. Boil the water. Place tea bags in pitcher, pour water over, and let steep for an hour (though more won’t hurt). Remove tea bags, add ½ c sugar, stir to dissolve. Taste and add more sugar as desired. Let cool, then refrigerate.

2. Place water and tea bags in glass container, set in fridge, and let steep overnight. Remove tea bags and keep refrigerated until serving.

Notes A third way to make tea is to brew it in the sun, but this can lead to bacteria and illness.

Fruit tea is particularly nice as iced tea.

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