The Vegan Table

The Vegan Table cookbook

200 unforgettable recipes for entertaining every guest at every occasion
Vegan cookbook review

Friends and family aren’t always supportive of the vegan diet, claiming that meatless meals lack protein, vitamins, taste… all of the above. We can tell them they’re wrong until the cows come home (uneaten), but the best way to win over doubters is to feed them, and cookbooks like The Vegan Table make this really easy.

The 200 vegan recipes in this book are divided by season, which I love, as well as by type of meal:

  1. Cozy Coupling: Romantic dinners for two
  2. Fun with Friends: Casual meals for four to six
  3. Pulling out the Stops: Formal dining for six to ten
  4. Let’s Celebrate: Menus for special occasions
  5. Honoring Tradition: Feasts for the holidays
  6. Excuses to Party: Buffets, heavy appetizers, and finger food

Each chapter lists the recipes by course, season, and occasion/theme, and there’s also a comprehensive index, so it’s easy to find your way through the great variety of recipes, including interesting salads (Braised Figs with Arugula, Kale and Cauliflower), soups (Garlic and Greens, Sweet Potato and Peanut), main dishes (French Onion Pie, Ratatouille with White Beans), and desserts (Blackberry Pecan Crisp, Red Velvet Cake). The recipes also have nutritional information and indications when they have no oil, soy, and/or wheat.

Throughout the book are color photos, cooking hints, entertaining tips, food lore, and other info related to veganism and good health, making The Vegan Table one of those all too rare cookbooks that are both fun and informative to skim through.

The Vegan TableIf you like to entertain, check out the The Vegan Table for delicious recipes and everything else you need to make any occasion a success.

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