Gravy Recipes

Vegan gravy

Vegan Gravies and Gravy-Loving Dishes

There are probably as many different ways to make gravy as there are cooks – the sky is the limit! Here are some of my favorite vegan gravies.

Golden gravyGolden Gravy
Try this quick and easy gravy on Salisbury seitan and mashed potatoes.

Nut gravyNut Gravy
This simple, nut- or seed-based gravy recipe will satisfy your cravings at Thanksgiving or any other time of year.

Mushroom miso gravyMushroom-Miso Gravy
Rich, thick mushroom gravy with tons of umami.

Onion gravyOnion Gravy
Very flavorful gravy, like French onion soup without the topping.

Sage gravySage Gravy
A simple, traditional gravy that vegans, meat eaters, and everyone in between will love.

Seitan broth gravySeitan Broth Gravy
The richest and meatiest non-meat gravy you’ve ever tasted.

Gravy-Loving Recipes

Mashed potatoesMashed Potatoes
Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. They’re quick and easy and the soft texture makes me feel like a kid. They’re also a great base for all kinds of variations like garlic mashed potatoes.

Mushroom meatloafMushroom Meatloaf
Incredibly flavorful meatloaf-style dish made with mushrooms, rice, and lentils.

Pan-fried seitanPan-Fried Seitan
Slightly crunchy pan-fried seitan is just asking to be served with a flavorful sauce or gravy.

Salisbury seitanSalisbury Seitan
This vegan alternative to salisbury steak is much tastier than what I remember about that school lunch room classic.

Wheat meat and potatoesWheat Meat and Potatoes
The ultimate in hearty, down-home cooking: (wheat) meat and potatoes.