Eat Your Books

Eat Your Books is a huge database which allows users to search through their own personal cookbooks in order to find just the right recipe. Once you've told the site which books you own, you can search them depending on what ingredients you have on hand and/or which cuisine you feel like eating.

Free Recipe Organizer

Recipe organizerAfter years of dealing with hundreds of bookmarks, photocopies, and scraps of paper with scribbled recipes, I got tired of the chaos, and came up with a way to get my recipes organized - here's what I did.


Microplane - product reviewOne of my favorite kitchen tools - and certainly one of the least expensive - is my Microplane. This zester/grater makes easy work of, well, zesting and grating, and I can't even remember what I used to use instead.

Vitamix High-Speed Blender

When you spend as much time cooking as I do, good appliances make all the difference. I love ultra smooth soups and hummus, so after years of burning out blenders, I finally decided it was time to make a real investment in my kitchen: I bought a Vitamix.