Vegan meats

Mock Meat Recipes

Some vegetarians avoid mock meat recipes, while others swear by them. If you're in the latter category, or if you're just interested in trying some vegetarian and vegan versions of typical dishes, take a look at these mock meat, chicken, and fish recipes.
Olive oil

Olive Oil

Introduction to olive oil and related terminology.
Raw Food Revolution Diet book

The Raw Food Revolution Diet

Don't know what the big deal is about raw food? According to the authors of The Raw Food Revolution Diet, it will help you lose weight and keep it off, increase your energy and stamina, require less sleep, have fewer colds and allergies, and give you a more positive attitude.

Vegetarian and Vegan Substitutions

Being a vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean you can never again make any recipes that call for things like beef broth, eggs, or gelatin. Most animal products can be replaced with vegetarian- and vegan-friendly ingredients.

Vegetarian Staples

I try to cook from scratch as much as possible, rather than relying on store-bought items like non-dairy milk and nut butters. Here are my staple recipes that you’ll find linked from more complicated dishes throughout The Veggie Table.