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After realizing the health benefits and deliciousness of vegan and macrobiotic cooking, Christine Waltermyer decided to share her expertise with others by creating the Natural Kitchen Cooking School. The success of that venture led to the almost-eponymous cookbook The Natural Vegan Kitchen. In addition to combining the best of vegan and macrobiotic foods, many of the recipes in this book are gluten free or can easily be adapted.

Though the chapters are a bit on the short side (as few as 8 pages), there is a nice variety of recipes:

  1. The Way of the Natural Vegan Kitchen
    Discussion of the changes to the modern American diet and principles of macrobiotics
  2. What’s for Breakfast?
    A handful of recipes to start the day, including granola, cornmeal pudding, tofu-veggie scramble, and gluten-free pancakes
  3. Appetizers
    Try fruit pizzas, blueberry salsa, and mushroom-leek phyllo purses
  4. Nourishing Soups and Stews
    Warm up with ginger-squash soup, corny chowder, vegetarian beef stew, or a variety of bean soups
  5. Ballads for Salads
    Creative combinations like green bean and beet, broccoli and carrot, and dandelion greens with vegan bacon
  6. Spectacular Salad Dressings and Sauces
    This chapter includes a list of ingredients for various effects (bitterness, pungency, richness, saltiness, sourness, and sweetness), followed by yummy dressings like lemon sesame, miso vinaigrette, and creamy pumpkin seed
  7. Radiant Grains
    Basic cooking techniques, plus recipes for things like zucchini rice patties with tartar sauce, mushrooom rice pilaf, and millet cauliflower mash
  8. Savory Beans
    Recipes from around the world, including French lentil salad, Boston baked beans, Italian white beans and greens, and chili con veggie
  9. The Main Dish and Casserole City
    From favorites like sloppy joes and tacos to fried seitan nuggets and enchilada casserole
  10. Delectable Vegetables
    This is the longest chapter, with around 2 dozen recipes, including baked onions, sweet potato melt, glazed Brussels sprouts, and spaghetti squash
  11. Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!
    Lovely vegan desserts like apricot mousse, jelled fruit, no-bake berry pie, and rice pudding

The Natural Vegan KitchenIf you’re interested in an overview of vegan and macrobiotic cooking, The Natural Vegan Kitchen will help you get started with some flavorful and healthy recipes.

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