Easy Vegetarian Recipes

New to cooking, or just too tired to make an effort? Here are some super easy recipes, with simple directions like "cut, chop, blend, stir, and boil" - very little effort and no thinking required.

Flexible Recipes

These recipes are flexible as to ingredients and/or amounts. This is a good place to get ideas when you have nothing in the house to eat, or you forget a vital ingredient for a less flexible recipe, or when you just feel like being creative.
Gourmet vegetarian recipes

Gourmet Recipes

If you're having a dinner party or some other event where you're hoping to impress people (especially if those people aren't vegetarian), try these gourmet vegetarian recipes - guaranteed to look beautiful and taste delicious.

Meals and Menus

Whatever the time of day, venue, or occasion, this page of vegetarian recipes and menus can help you plan the perfect meal.

Natural Remedies: Bug Bites

Bugs aren't just annoying; they can also cause itchiness, rashes, and even disease. I don't like chemicals, so here are some natural remedies that work.

Quick Recipes

In a hurry? Have unexpected company? Need to eat and run? Take a look at these quick vegetarian recipes - each one takes one hour or less from start to finish.

Vegetarian Comfort Food

What is comfort food? Something that makes us feel safe? Something that reminds us of home? Whatever it is, comfort foods tend to be soft, warm, and easy to prepare. Potatoes, pasta, and soups feature prominently. Here are some of my favorite comfort foods.

Vegetarian Recipes by Season

The season can make a big difference in terms of what kind of produce is available, how much you feel like cooking, and what you want to eat. Take a look at these recipes divided by season.