Vegetarian Cooking for Every Day

Vegetarian Cooking for Every Day

Vegetarian cookbook review

Vegetarianism is not synonymous with healthy eating, and it’s not necessarily quick, cheap, and easy either. And when you have limited time to cook, eating vegetarian can be difficult.

Laura Theodore’s Vegetarian Cooking for Every Day offers an introduction to vegetarianism and vegetarian cooking along with dozens of mostly quick, mostly vegan, mostly easy, and all healthy recipes.

Main courses include pasta marinara, black bean burritos, and eggplant parmesan. There are also recipes for sides like vegan chopped “liver” and nachos, as well as desserts: muffins, smoothies, and ice “creams.” The recipes emphasize easy to find ingredients, and the book also includes tips on cleaning, cutting, and cooking different vegetables.

Vegetarian Cooking for Every DayIf you’re new to vegetarianism or just looking for some quick and easy recipes to add to your repertoire, this is a great little book.

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