Curry Burgers

Carrots, chickpeas, mushrooms, onions, and walnuts are mixed with curry for a uniquely spicy veggie burger. Delicious! Curried carrot and chickpea burgers
Yield 5 burgers
Time 30 minutes
  • frying pan
  • wooden spoon
  • food processor
  • large bowl
  • spatula
  • 2 T vegetable oil, divided
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 1 t coriander
  • 1 t curry powder
  • 1 t fennel seeds
  • 1½ c white button mushrooms, chopped
  • 1½ c cooked and drained chickpeas
  • 4 medium carrots, finely grated* and squeezed to remove excess liquid
  • ¼ c walnuts, chopped
  • 3 T cilantro or parsley, chopped
  • ½ t salt
  • black pepper
  • at least 2 T flour
Directions Heat 1 T of oil and sauté the onions over medium heat, stirring frequently, for about 2 minutes. Add coriander, curry, and fennel seeds, cook three minutes, then add mushrooms. Continue cooking and stirring for 5 more minutes.

Place in food processor along with the chickpeas. Pulse until well chopped – do not purée.

Transfer to bowl and add remaining ingredients. If the mixture seems wet, add more flour, 1 T at a time, until it holds together.

Flour your hands and then shape mixture into five large or 10 small burgers.

Fry in 1 T oil over medium heat for 4 minutes on each side, until golden brown.

Serve on a bun or with a side of rice or mashed potatoes.

Notes *As you can see, mine were not finely grated, and the mixture was so chunky I had to run some of it through the food processor again.

Vegetarian PlanetAdapted from the recipe for “Curried Carrot-Walnut Burgers” in Didi Emmons’ Vegetarian Planet.

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Curry burgers