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Vegan cookbook review

When the topic of veganism comes up, people are often horrified, apparently imagining a vegan diet as an endless line of salads and maybe the occasional carrot or celery stick as a treat. They’d be stunned if they ever looked through a cookbook like Vegan Vittles, by Jo Stepaniak, which offers vegan alternatives to all kinds of dishes traditionally made with meat, dairy products, and eggs.

Recipes like Southern-fried tofu, Chickpeas à la king, and Sloppy Lennys are healthy, delicious alternatives to everyday American meat dishes. Vegans will be happy to find recipes for cottage, parmesan, and ricotta "uncheeses," as well as a variety of faux cheese sauces and classics like creamy spinach dip.

In addition to all the recipes, Vegan Vittles offers advice for new and future vegans, including basic kitchen techniques and vegan substitutions for animal products. There are also cute “vegan” expressions throughout, like “You can sow fertile seeds but you can’t make them sprout” to use instead of “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

Vegan VittlesIf you’re not sure whether you can “make it” as a vegan, or you gave up animal foods a long time ago but still miss tuna melts and meat balls, you’ll be happily surprised by the variety of meatless dishes in Vegan Vittles.

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