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Totally Vegetarian cookbook

Easy, fast, comforting cooking for every kind of vegetarian
Vegetarian cookbook review

Thanks to her public television cooking show, Toni Fiore is one of the best-known vegetarians in the United States. Her cookbook carries the same name as the show, Totally Vegetarian, and features 200 of her favorite recipes, as well as a wealth of information for vegetarian cooks.

The introductory chapters offer basic guidelines about ingredients, techniques, and tips on stocking your kitchen and pantry, making this an excellent resource for inexperienced cooks. Sprinkled throughout are anecdotes and information about food, shopping, and living in Italy and Germany.

There are lots of Italian recipes (pizza, pasta, focaccia), as well as a number of other influences (German, Greek, Caribbean, Malaysian…), plus some unique creations (arugula and fig salad, celeriac-garlic-ginger soup, eggplant meatballs). The 200 recipes are divided into a dozen chapters:

  1. Light bites: appetizers, dips, and spreads
  2. Salads and dressings
  3. Soups and stews
  4. Breads and pizza
  5. Tofu
  6. Tempeh and seitan
  7. Pasta
  8. Burgers and sandwiches
  9. Vegetables
  10. Potatoes, grains, and beans
  11. Good mornings
  12. Sweet finishes

Totally VegetarianThere’s also a useful chart called "if you like… then try…" to help you find delicious vegetarian replacements for standard meat fare. For a nice variety of traditional and creative recipes, you can’t go wrong with Totally Vegetarian.

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