Roasted Winter Squash

An easy-to-prepare, delicate sweet-and-sour squash dish. Roasted winter squash
Yield 6 servings
Time 35 minutes
  • baking sheet
  • knife
  • pastry brush
  • small saucepan
  • whisk
  • plate
  • 2½ pounds winter squash (butternut, acorn, pie pumpkin, etc.)
  • ½ c olive oil
  • 2 large cloves garlic, minced
  • ¼ c red wine vinegar
  • ¼ c packed brown sugar
  • 2 T fresh mint, basil, or arugula, chopped
  • ½ t salt
  • ¼ t black pepper
Directions Preheat oven to 450.

Oil baking sheet.

Peel the squash (optional), cut in half through stem end, and scoop out seeds. Place cut-side down and slice in ¼-inch half circles.

Brush each slice with oil, arrange in single layer on baking sheet, sprinkle with a bit of salt, and bake for 15 minutes, until tender but not mushy.

Meanwhile, heat remaining olive oil with garlic for 1 minute. Add vinegar and sugar and stir until dissolved. Add remaining ingredients, including the rest of the salt, and remove from heat.

Arrange squash on plate, drizzle with dressing, garnish with herbs, and serve.


Adapted from The Moosewood Collective’s Moosewood Restaurant Celebrates: Festive meals for holidays and special occasions. It’s part of the vegan Thanksgiving menu.

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Sweet and sour butternut squash