Ani’s Raw Food Essentials

Ani's Raw Food Essentials

Recipes & techniques for mastering the art of live food
Living food book review

Ready to go raw, or just interested in adding a few live food recipes to your repertoire? Either way, Ani’s Raw Food Essentials is here to help. With sections on essential kitchen tools, the raw pantry and fridge, and shopping, plus tips on everything from non-toxic cleaners to reducing your carbon footprint, Ani Phyo provides everything you need to get started.

And then of course there are the recipes – 250 entirely raw, entirely delicious recipes to inspire and nourish, divided into chapters:

  • Drinks (smoothies, mylks, shakes, elixers, sun teas, cultured drinks)
  • Breakfast (cereal, crêpes, pancakes, 2 types of fake bacon, scrambles, quiche, toast, biscuits, jam, butter)
  • Snacks and Accompaniments (cheezes, chips, crackers, taco nut meat, pickled vegetables)
  • Soups (tomato-tarragon bisque, curried coconut, red pepper kream)
  • Salads and Dressings (green papaya, taco salad, Chinese chickenless)
  • Wraps, Sandwiches, and Burgers (reuben, BLT, sloppy joe)
  • Pizza and Noodles (black olive and pesto pizza, avocado-pistachio noodle salad)
  • Dumplings and Rice (and nori maki)
  • Desserts (pies, cakes, ice kream, sweet sauces, cookies)

Ani's Raw Food EssentialsThere are also sample menus for breakfast, lunch, picnics, dinner, and “to go.” All in all, Ani’s Raw Food Essentials is an info-packed book for anyone who wants to eat more raw food or just learn about the benefits.

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