Vegetarian Lunch Ideas

Vegetarian lunchVegetarian and Vegan Soups, Salads, Sandwiches

Unlike dinner, which is usually a sit-down-and-chat-with-the-family affair, lunch often has to be squeezed in between work or school commitments. Lunch also lends itself to combo meals: soup and salad, salad and sandwich, and sandwich and soup, so here are some suggested pairings that you can mix and match for a delicious, healthy vegetarian lunch.

Soup and Salad

French onion soup Beet salad French onion soup
Moroccan chickpea Moroccan tomato salad
Potato leek turnip Autumn salad
Red lentil soup Bell pepper salad
Sweet potato and corn Warm white bean salad Lentil feta walnut salad
Vegetable soup Lentil feta walnut salad
Vichyssoise Arugula salad

Salad and Sandwich

Avocado tomato salad Avocado tomato Gardenburger®
Caesar salad True veggie burger
Caprese Grilled portobello
Cole slaw Curry burger
BBQ tofu sandwich Cucumber salad Roasted veggie
Israeli salad Mock tuna melt
Rice salad Barbecued tofu

Soup and Sandwich

Creamy cauliflower soup Minestrone soup BLT
Garlic soup Falafel sandwich
Gazpacho Eggplant burger
Minestrone soup Seitan cheese steak
Split pea soup BLT Veggie sandwich
Sweet potato-tomato-chipotle Veggie burger
Tomato soup Grilled cheese sandwich


Vegan Lunch BoxVegan Lunch Box

What happens when a vegan mom wants to make sure that her son eats well at school, but worries that he’ll feel left out or deprived of all the lunchroom treats his classmates eat every day? Feed him better treats, of course!

Vegan Lunch Box Around the WorldVegan Lunch Box Around the World

Tired of boring brown bag lunches? Then pick up a copy of Vegan Lunch Box Around the World. Rather than the dozens of sandwich recipes I was expecting, I found an impressive variety of easy to make and transport dishes from every corner of the globe.

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