Grills Gone Vegan cookbook

Grills Gone Vegan

If you think a cookout automatically means a vegan's options are limited to corn on the cob and tofu burgers, think again! Grills Gone Vegan is a cookbook like no other, offering creative, delicious vegan fare and helpful tips.
Horizons cookbook


With 80 recipes, tons of full-color photos, and interesting stories about what inspires the chefs, Rich Landau & Kate Jacoby, cooking from their cookbook is the next best thing to actually eating at Horizons restaurant.
How It All Vegan cookbook

How It All Vegan!

How It All Vegan is an excellent cookbook for newbies, but also includes some creative combinations that will appeal to committed vegans.
Local Bounty cookbook

Local Bounty

Local Bounty: Seasonal Vegan Recipes, by Devra Gartenstein, offers a variety of recipes to help you enjoy fruits and vegetables at their individual seasonal peaks. Organized by season, each chapter starts with a list of that season's produce, divided by early, mid-, and late season.
Mayim's Vegan Table cookbook

Mayim’s Vegan Table

Mayim Bialik is an American actress, neuroscientist, and more importantly—at least from The Veggie Table's point of view—vegan mom. Mayim's Vegan Table is a collection of tips and simple recipes with a slight emphasis on Jewish dishes.
Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food cookbook

Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food

Comfort food varies from person to person, as it usually involves individual memories of being cared for by a parent or a grandparent and the special foods that they lovingly shared. But there are some dishes which are more universal, and that's what Alicia C. Simpson's Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food is all about. From breakfast to dessert, this cookbook offers delicious vegan versions of classic comfort foods.
Radiant Health, Inner Wealth cookbook

Radiant Health, Inner Wealth

This cookbook's subtitle, A Fun, Comprehensive Toolkit for Ultimate Wellness, Including Over 240 Scrumptious Recipes, is so descriptive that writing a review might seem superfluous, but in fact there is a lot to say about it.
Sinfully Vegan cookbook

Sinfully Vegan

Dessert is one of the main things people say they just can't give up in order to be vegan (cheese is the other), but that's only because they think it's impossible to make their favorite treats without animal products. With a cookbook like Sinfully Vegan, there's no need to give up cake or ice cream - you just need to learn a new way to make them.
Speed Vegan cookbook

Speed Vegan

Just because you have limited time doesn't mean you have to settle for salads and reheated soup. You can make delicious vegan meals quickly and easily with a good recipe and some time-saving tips - and a little help from Speed Vegan, by celebrity chef Alan Roettinger.