Vegan Eats World

Terry Hope Romero worked tirelessly to make each recipe in this book easy to follow and every dish delicious. The amount of research alone must have been staggering, as at least 2 dozen cuisines are included.

Vegan Brunch

As far as I'm concerned, brunch is the most important meal of the day, and with a cookbook like this, there's no need to limit it to Sundays. Vegan Brunch offers a wealth of recipes, from classic to outrageous, and I've yet to try one that isn't fantastic.
The 30-Minute Vegan cookbook

The 30-Minute Vegan

Vegan cooking can be time-consuming, especially if you're trying to convert a traditional recipe into something meat-, dairy-, and egg-free. But it is possible to make delicious and healthy vegan food without spending all day in the kitchen, and The 30-Minute Vegan is a good place to start.

Asian Fusion

Chat Mingkwan's Asian Fusion offers a huge variety of recipes from over a dozen countries - as well as a fascinating look at the similarities and sometimes very subtle differences between their cuisines.
Vegetarian Dishes from Across the Middle East

Vegetarian Dishes from Across the Middle East

The Middle East is a vast region that includes numerous countries, cultures, and religions, but many of the primary ingredients used are shared due to similar climates and even some ancestry. In Vegetarian Dishes from Across the Middle East, Arto der Haroutunian does an admirable job of bringing together a collection of recipes from these far-ranging countries.
Ani's Raw Food Essentials

Ani’s Raw Food Essentials

Ready to go raw, or just interested in adding a few live food recipes to your repertoire? Either way, Ani's Raw Food Essentials is here to help. With sections on essential kitchen tools, the raw pantry and fridge, and shopping - not to mention 250 recipes - this book has everything you need to get started.
Color Me Vegan cookbook

Color Me Vegan

Did you know that brightly-colored food does more than just look pretty on your plate? With Color Me Vegan, author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau promises that you can "maximize your nutrient intake and optimize your health by eating antioxidant-rich, fiber-packed, color-intense meals that taste great."