Rawlicious book


Peter and Beryn Daniel are raw food chefs and owners of a raw food store in South Africa. They emphasize the health and beauty benefits of a raw foods diet, and offer an assortment of recipes in 13 delicious chapters.
The Urban Vegan cookbook

The Urban Vegan

If you have access to a well-stocked natural foods store, The Urban Vegan can help you cook a variety of meals from all over the world.
Meatless All Day cookbook

Meatless All Day

Dina Cheney's beautifully photographed book aims to teach you how to make "vegetarian, delicious, and substantial" meals, the secret of which are power incredients, which provide a meaty flavor and/or texture.
The Accidental Vegetarian cookbook

The Accidental Vegetarian

Unlike most chefs who know how to cook before starting restaurants, Simon Rimmer bought a vegetarian restaurant and then learned to cook. I've never had the pleasure of eating at either of his restaurants, but if the cookbook they inspired is anything to go by, they are undoubtedly excellent.
Plenty cookbook


If you're looking for something more than just the classic dishes and typical combinations, take a look at Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty. This colorful cookbook offers some unique recipes using both everyday and unusual incredients.
Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook

Vegan with a Vengeance

This the first vegan cookbook I ever bought, long before I'd even started thinking about giving up dairy and eggs. But there was just something about the title that drew me in, and the creative, delicious recipes that kept me there.

Pancake and Waffle Ideas

Pancakes and waffles are, for me, the ideal breakfast. They're quick and easy, and customizable to everyone's individual taste. If you've run out of inspiration, here are some ideas for interesting pancakes and waffles - mix and match to find your favorite combinations.

Adaptable Vegetarian Recipes

Meals with a mixed group of vegetarians and non-vegetarians can require a lot of extra effort from the cook. However, you can save a lot of work by making similar dishes for both groups - a vegetarian version and a meat version. Here are some adaptable vegetarian recipes that lend themselves easily to meat additions.